Code of Conduct

Trygve is a platform that invites community members to support and look out for each other by interacting via our app and website. While using Trygve, we expect our users to comply with our Code of Conduct, to ensure a positive user experience and to maximize impact within a community.

A few do's...

Be active

Trygve encourages you to share information on incidents with other users and support people in need of help. Be more than an observer - be a contributor!

Be honest

When using Trygve, it’s important to be yourself. You should use your own name and provide information that is accurate and non-speculative.

Be respectful

Your use of language within Trygve should be clear, informative, supportive and respectful to other users. We do not tolerate abusive, racist, sexist or any other derogatory or defamatory language.

Be smart

Trygve does not replace 999 in an emergency. If there is an emergency, dial 999 and follow operator instructions.

And a few don'ts...

Don't be a fool

You should not purposefully seek out or involve yourself in any dangerous situation - unless you’re Batman, please leave the criminal catching to the police!

Liar liar

In order for Trygve to operate effectively, keep your contributions factually correct. Don’t post fake incidents/events and don’t post false or misleading information.

A broken record

Try not to make duplicate posts or post an event about an incident that already exists – get involved in the event by being a contributor instead.

Roll up! Roll up!

Trygve is not a marketplace. Therefore, posts that include promotional messages for commercial products, services, sales or self promotion will be removed.

Keep it classy

Posts that contain offensive language or profanities are never necessary and will not be tolerated in Trygve. Trygve is not associated with any religious or political group and we feel that community safety messaging should follow suit. Posts that are politically or religiously focused will not be welcome within this environment and should be reported.