Common issues and troubleshooting

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Issues with push notifications

Having trouble receiving push notifications to your phone, or are they delayed? Visit the article notifications for more information and troubleshooting.

I see a blue pulsing banner on the top of my screen

Do you see a blue banner that say that Trygve is using your location?

The Trygve app needs access to your location in the background. If you have iOS 8 your phone will ask you repeatedly within an interval about the Trygve app location access, regardless if you accepted it when installing the app. If you answered no in any of these dialogues you've denied Trygve access to your location. At this point, the blue pulsing banner will be visible when the app is minimised.

To allow Trygve to access your location again, go to your iPhone settings > Trygve > Location and set to Always.

Why can't I share an event?

If you can't share an event it is because the event is not public (meaning the event creator did not choose to share it publicly within Trygve).

We only allow sharing public events due to security reasons. This means you can rest assured that events you post in private groups never leaves the group.