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Our Neighbourhood Watch has really improved. Because the app is so easy to use and efficient to communicate with, it seems crime is reducing! We have also finally managed to involve the new generation of house owners, which feels really good.
Kjell, 62


Local activity, consolidated.

Trygve allows you to share and receive local incident information ('events') directly on to a map or through your group chats. When you want to create an event, you can choose the event location, type, urgency and who can see it. Images can also be added to the event.


Talk to your groups and other users about events in your area.

Events can be 'acknowledged', commented on and shared. Together with other Trygve users, you can discuss events, strategize action plans, support people who require assistance or share information with people who may be affected.

Stay in the loop

A constant local newsfeed at your finger tips.

Your feed displays events and information most relevant to you in an easy-to-read format. You can easily view, comment and react to events here and additional information from Team Trygve will be posted here occasionally.

Personal Safety Alarm

A call for help is a tap away.

Trygve's Personal Safety Alarm has you covered in times when you may feel vulnerable. An alarm can be manually triggered or set to a timer which will automatically trigger if not deactivated, sending an alert to either your selected groups or nearby public Trygve users.

Your area in a snapshot

Check out what's going on around you

The interactive map gives the location and details of all public Trygve events around you. Users can add events, acknowledge and comment on existing events using the app.

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