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Our Mission

Trygve helps communities come together to build a stronger, safer society.

By encouraging people to support and look out for each other, Trygve works to prevent local crime and accidents.

We believe if members of a community are active in supporting one another and working together, social sustainability can be achieved. In essence, a community takes the responsibility of its preservation back into its own hands.

Our mission is for this willingness to act, respect and support each other to be prevalent in communities throughout the world.

It’s in our nature to turn to fellow members of society in times of need, which is often more forthcoming and readily available than the local authorities. Organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch are a perfect example of civilians working together to reduce crime locally, but it is still far from its full potential in the modern world. Trygve takes the Neighbourhood Watch ideology and offers a new and exciting way of delivering these concepts and objectives using digital technology.

Because Trygve is a not affiliated with any political views or religious groups, Trygve offers an online environment that’s completely inclusive, regardless of sex, age, religion or disability and is available for everyone, free.

Our Story

Trygve is a traditional Swedish male name - someone who’s genuine, social and likeable. It stems from the word ‘Trygg’, which means “safe and secure”.

Per’s wife Malin always phoned him when she walked home from the train station at night. She was afraid that, despite being surrounded by good neighbours, no one would react to her cries for help if something were to happen to her.

When Per understood the extent of someone not feeling safe in a local community familiar and well-known, he decided something had to be done. One night, he woke up with a solution that was centred around community collaboration. He called it “The Trygve project”, aimed at empowering the good resources within a society and channelling them into one digital portal.

Per quit his job managing a large IT company and assembled a small team of skilled tech professionals to bring his vision to life. The Trygve app was released to the Swedish public in March 2015.

More than 2000 communities in Sweden have since adopted Trygve, including local police, community groups, private users and the Swedish Neighbourhood Watch, (consisting of 40,000 active volunteers).

‘Team Trygve’ has since developed into a passionate core team based Stockholm, Sweden. Each team member shares the passion of spreading the Trygve concept to communities around the world.

Trygve is now embarking on international expansion and launched in the United Kingdom on 27 June 2016.

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