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Connect Homes is coming!

March 27th 2018

Putting the power of people in home security When David came home to find his house had been broken into, he felt violated and afraid. He had been 30 minutes from home when his alarm notified him. David’s neighbour, Tracey, felt terrible that she was home the whole time and could ...

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Don’t let Facebook’s scandal make you fearful of digital platforms

March 22nd 2018

The Cambridge Analytica story involving an alleged breach in the use of personal data from millions of Facebook users is an interesting case study, but not an example of digital platforms in general. Caring for your integrity and gaining trust is crucial for Trygve - with a sole focus in buildin...

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New Appdate: Customise group notifications

February 14th 2018

You asked, so you received. As Trygve users, you are probably a member of a large group or groups. These groups are important to stay updated with what's going on in your local area. However, some of you expressed that receiving notifications from multiple groups can sometimes be overwhelming - an...

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TrygveTips: Meet your location tools

February 7th 2018

The Trygve map is central to local collaboration and incident reporting. To help make sure you can be as accurate as possible when posting in Trygve, familiarise yourself with these four helpful location tools. 1) The magnifying glass Press the magnifying glass to manually search for th...

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TrygveTips: Keeping your car safe

January 16th 2018

Since Christmas we have seen a noticeable increase of attempted and actual car burglaries reported in Trygve across the UK. In light of this, we have collected a few simple tips to help prevent your vehicle from becoming the next target for thieves. Lock your doors Seems like a no-braine...

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Keeping safe this New Years Eve

December 29th 2017

2017 is coming to a close. As you reflect on the year that was, you will likely be planning how to bring 2018 in with a bang, alongside friends and family. While you plan, be sure to keep these simply safety tips in mind - so your News Years Eve is memorable for all the right reasons! 1. S...

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Hackney communities combat crime together

December 11th 2017

Areas in Hackney are now safer, thanks to the combined efforts of residents, police and Hackney council community safety officers. An increase in antisocial behaviour, crime and disorder was leaving residents scared to walk down their own streets. When residents tried to report problems b...

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We wish you a merry (and safe) Christmas

December 6th 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Halls are decked, bells are jingling and Santa will soon be on his way. But, unfortunately, Christmas-time marks an increase in accidents and crime. Follow these helpful tips to ensure you have a calamity and crime-free Christmas! Don’t let burg...

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Get free local security for your neighbourhood

November 24th 2017

Black Friday is finally here and keen shoppers will, once again, make the annual pilgrimage to crowded high streets throughout the UK for pre-Christmas bargains. Whilst you’re laden with shopping bags full of great gifts, we hope you will remember that another great gift for your family, friends...

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Trygve vs Social Media

November 8th 2017

“We have a Facebook group - why should we use Trygve?” Neighbourhoods often use social media for many things like recommendations, local events and even safety. Because of this, communities often feel reluctant to “learn another app"... ...but Trygve is not a social media platform and it's...

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Finalists in Sweden’s Security Awards 2017

October 12th 2017

The finalists for Sweden’s prestigious Security Awards for 2017 have been released and Trygve is among the nominees. Sweden’s Security Industry presents awards to courageous, dedicated and passionate employees and companies who carry out outstanding work in the fields of safety.  Trygve and ...

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Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators - you've been integrated!

October 2nd 2017

Good news for Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who use the Neighbourhood Alert messaging system can now easily share their alerts into Trygve! Neighbourhood Watch alerts can reach even more people and be placed in what’s quickly becoming the preferred digital ...

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Good residents can help police more

September 27th 2017

Last week, the BBC shared that the number of abandoned 999 calls to UK police control rooms had more than doubled in the last year, and the number of abandoned 101 calls had increased to 230,000. Experts suggest the increase is partly due to an increase in crime. However, it has been solidly ackno...

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Scams - how to spot and report them

September 1st 2017

We have noticed an increase in Trygve events warning fellow users of scams and rogue traders. It is astounding how many scammers there are out there and how clever they can be in convincing victims out of their money. Here are some tips and resources on scams so you can avoid becoming a victim. ...

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Posting Trygve events: colours and audiences

August 3rd 2017

Anyone can post an event onto the Trygve map. Events are the best way to inform your neighbours, particularly when you utilise the event colour and audience features effectively. Here are some tips: Colour/Priority The colour of your event indicates its priority or importance. It also affect...

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Keeping your home safe this summer

July 18th 2017

Summertime, and the livin' is easy... Whilst you’re basking in the glorious summer sun, the only worry you should have is whether your suncream is a high enough SPF to spare you from looking like a beetroot... certainly not whether you will be returning to a burgled home. Unfortunately, summer...

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Trygve UK turns 1!

June 27th 2017

This time one year ago, the celebrated Swedish app, Trygve, decided to spread its wings and see if digital collaboration could be just as effective in the UK as it was proving to be in Sweden… and what a ride it’s been! Proudly standing with UK’s best in community safety Over the l...

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Trygve Tip: How to call 999 when you can't speak to the operator

June 15th 2017

Today’s Trygve Tip relates to emergency 999 calls and what to do if you’re unable to speak to the operator. The ‘Silent Solution 55’ has been around for around 15 years, however many people still do not know it exists. A large amount of calls to 999 end up being accidental, usually du...

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Organisations: the feature for local resources

May 30th 2017

Every community is jam-packed full of helpful resources ready to support the needs of citizens. These are emergency services like local police, fire and ambulance. They are government bodies like local council, police commissioners and safety partnerships. They can be non-profit community organi...

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A resident's perspective...

March 27th 2017

Since launching in the UK nine months ago, Trygve has taken part in some incredible community engagement projects, alongside passionate residents, police and neighbourhood watch groups. These projects are already demonstrating the positive impact that collaborative digital technology has on communit...

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TrygveTips: When posting public events in a map

March 15th 2017

Using map-based technology to communicate local issues and incidents is quickly becoming the preferred method of receiving messages. Not only does a map-based method indicate what area an incident is affecting, but maps naturally ‘filter’ events for individuals, further customizing the user's ...

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Drug and weapon arrests in London thanks to police and residents using Trygve

February 17th 2017

For a community in the London Borough of Hackney, the success of community collaboration is very clear. Multiple arrests of drug and weapon-related criminals have taken place thanks to good citizens and responsive police working together using Trygve. The Brownswood community started using Trygve...

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Top Swedish expert in community safety joins United Eyes AB, to further enhance Trygve app.

February 14th 2017

Some news from Sweden, the birthplace of Trygve. Sören Svensson, one of Sweden’s most respected experts in community safety, will now work closely with United Eyes AB, the company behind the digital community safety tool Trygve. He will assist with enhancing Trygve’s ongoing development and im...

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Trygve News: Stolen moped discovered and returned to London owner using Trygve

February 2nd 2017

A very happy moped owner was reunited with their stolen vehicle after it had been reported to local Met Police using the digital collaboration app, Trygve. This morning , the Brownswood Safer Neighbourhood Team issued a warning to their residents that crimes involving stolen mopeds was on the ris...

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Trygve and the Met Police

January 30th 2017

Trygve has been working closely with the London Metropolitan Police to enhance the way community-focused police officers engage with local residents across London. Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are made up of Dedicated Ward officers and Police Community Support Officers who work with a wide range of p...

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Wild Winter Weather Tips

January 12th 2017

Wild weather ahead! The Met Office have issued further warnings for wild weather hitting many parts of the UK this week and continuing over the weekend. Thundersnow - also known as a thunder snowstorm - is a type of storm with snow falling instead of rain. It happens during a snowstorm ...

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Trygve Tips this NYE

December 29th 2016

‘Curtain call for 2016!’ New Year's Eve is nearly here and as we take part in various celebrations to bring in 2017, here’s a few Trygve Tips to make sure you keep safe during the festivities. 1. Stay charged Make sure you go out with a full phone battery. If you think you w...

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Why Digital Collaboration?

December 9th 2016

As more organisations, police forces and residents turn to digital tools to enhance local engagement, sometimes we need to revisit the reason why digital collaboration is the way of the future and the way forward for community safety and togetherness. It’s now clear that we are living in a world ...

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London boroughs take on Trygve

November 16th 2016

The London boroughs of Southwark and Enfield are trialling new methods of community engagement, using the digital communication tool Trygve. Trygve is a free app, which provides a specially designed digital platform where users can collaborate on a local level, empowering community members to s...

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Remember, remember the 5th of November

November 4th 2016

With daylight savings inviting more darkness and the Guy Fawkes weekend inviting festive bonfire celebrations, it is a great time to remind ourselves on how to keep safe during the Autumn months. The Metropolitan London Police, as part of their "Operation Autumn Nights" have offered advice on how ...

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Trygve Tip: going beyond the app

October 26th 2016

In an effort to further the reach of Trygve messaging, today’s Trygve Tip delves into how non-smartphone users can still use Trygve and how to share events posted in Trygve to other digital platforms. Meet 'My Trygve' No smartphone? No worries. Trygve fully exists on computers, as wel...

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Neighbourhood Watch and Trygve working together

September 28th 2016

It is with enormous pleasure that we announce the official co-operation of Trygve and Neighbourhood Watch England and Wales. Neighbourhood Watch and Trygve share values of bringing neighbours together to strengthen the support and security within communities. The collaboration takes these positive...

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Trygve presents at Neighbourhood Watch Scotland AGM

September 16th 2016

From Trygve UK Manager, Sheona Trygve was given the privilege of speaking at the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland AGM on September 14th, in Stirling. Brian Connel, Manager of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, had previously shown interest in Trygve and was keen to get coordinators aware of the free ap...

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Trygve Talks To: Caddington Neighbourhood Watch

August 31st 2016

This is John, one of Trygve's first users in the UK. Like many in his community, he's an active member of Neighbourhood Watch, acting as the secretary and a key driver of community engagement in Caddington, Bedfordshire. As a ‘super user’ of Trygve, John’s passion for connecting his vill...

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How to be a good neighbour

August 25th 2016

We’ve all seen or heard about those episodes from ‘The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door’ that make your skin crawl. It's clear that having a negative relationship with your neighbours can make your home life absolute hell. Just as powerful, however, is a positive relationship with those who you s...

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How to be a good witness

August 5th 2016

Witnessing a crime is not usually something one plans on doing. It's almost always unexpected and usually happens quickly, making it difficult to fully comprehend what's occurring if you happen to be nearby. However, if you do witness or suspect a crime, your eye-witness account can make all the dif...

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Trygve Talks To: Newton Leys Neighbourhood Watch

July 29th 2016

Meet Ben Dimmock from Newton Leys Neighbourhood Watch. Police Officer and Newton Leys Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Ben Dimmock, was one of the first people to download and start using Trygve in the UK. He and his community are committed to maximising collaboration and togetherness and have ...

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Trygve Tip #2 - activating your local area

July 19th 2016

It’s a fundamental aim in life to feel safe and secure within our local area, and it’s in our nature to seek new methods of protecting ourselves and those we love. We don't often realise, however, that the resources required to create community safety and security can already exist within our ow...

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Trygve Tips #1 - be a groupie!

July 5th 2016

Trygve has been available in the UK for the past week and it's been wonderful getting acquainted with new active users who are passionate about keeping their local community safer and more secure. This is the Trygve blog which will be used for a variety of things, such as interesting tidbits on al...

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Trygve is here!

June 27th 2016

Well, the day has finally arrived. Trygve - the free digital tool that brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society is now available for you to download and start using throughout the UK! Using iOS, Android or a computer, Trygve creates an online ‘community watch’, allowing u...

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Trygve - UK launch in a nutshell...

June 27th 2016

What is Trygve? Trygve is a free digital tool that brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society. The Trygve app, which is also available on your computer, creates a digital ‘Community Watch’ making your local community safer and more secure through a variety of features. I...

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