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March 27th 2017

Since launching in the UK nine months ago, Trygve has taken part in some incredible community engagement projects, alongside passionate residents, police and neighbourhood watch groups. These projects are already demonstrating the positive impact that collaborative digital technology has on communities.

It’s clear this new digital method is strengthening the relationship between local police and residents, as well as boosting the profile of Neighbourhood Watch groups and authorities.

But how do residents feel about using collaborative digital technology for community safety?

We spoke to Tara*, who is a London resident and member of a police-led community group in Trygve. We caught up for a chat about how using Trygve is affecting her community:

“Being a part of our group in Trygve has allowed me to get to know my neighbours and local police much better and I feel a part of something bigger," Tara said.

When it comes to posting her concerns in the group chat or a local incident on the map, Tara said “it's nice to know that other people in the community feel the same way as I do regarding certain issues. It’s also reassuring that we can voice these concerns to local police and get a response.”

“It’s been easy getting people involved. Sometimes it’s just a chat to someone on the street and letting them know the community exists online. Our police also let residents know in their newsletters.”

To Tara, residents are “the eyes and ears” of the community and it makes sense for police to utilize them more. “It’s made us a more active community, rather than just expecting the police to be aware of every issue. Now we have a relationship with them.”

Becoming 'activated' has also affected everyday life beyond Trygve. Tara explains “I feel more aware of my surroundings, as well as more open to other local people who might be able to help and get involved as well.”

Now that residents and police are working together, Tara feels there is a change in perception of police within the community.

“It makes a huge difference knowing your police. It’s easy to forget that they’re people. Trygve personifies them and we feel concerned for their safety just as much as we do our own friends and close neighbours”

Trygve groups can be started by anyone - residents, police, neighbourhood watch members or a small local group. Get your community involved in the new proven way to enhance safety!

Visit www.trygve.co.uk/join to download the free app or use our computer version of Trygve.

a resident

*name changed for privacy.

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