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Drug and weapon arrests in London thanks to police and residents using Trygve

February 17th 2017

For a community in the London Borough of Hackney, the success of community collaboration is very clear. Multiple arrests of drug and weapon-related criminals have taken place thanks to good citizens and responsive police working together using Trygve.

The Brownswood community started using Trygve following the initiative of local Police Officer Tom Curtis, who decided to try it as a new digital method of community engagement.

The North London community has a public Trygve group for the area, as well as a locked group just for local residents and police. Both groups are administered by the Brownswood Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The arrests

One day, a resident noticed a vehicle near his house that he thought may have been used for drug related crime. The vehicle’s type and registration was noted inside the community’s Trygve group. Two days later, another resident witnessed someone smoking a suspicious substance, using a familiar car. Referring back to the group chat within Trygve, she noticed that it was the same vehicle as was previously mentioned, so she alerted the group.

Because all group members receive instant chat notifications, it wasn’t long before local officers decided to investigate. The reporting resident and another resident kept watch from their homes, using the app to continue communicating with police.

As the police arrived on scene, the same resident noticed a suspect placing a plastic bag in a neighbour’s garden in an attempt to hide it from police. She quickly alerted the group in Trygve of what she saw.

Police officers found the bag in the garden, which contained a large combat knife. The male with the knife was arrested and taken to Stoke Newington Custody. He was strip searched and was found in possession of drugs and was further arrested. The infamous vehicle that played such an important role in this community’s collaborative bust was seized by the council.

Other suspects on the scene were issued Community Protection Notices – one of which was breached 10 days later and led to another arrest, which was also posted in the Trygve environment.

Their thoughts on Trygve

Trygve UK Manager, Sheona, caught up with the Brownswood SNT team who administer the local Trygve groups and who were directly involved in the arrests.

“Several arrests wouldn’t have been made without Trygve” PC Tom Curtis said, “it gives us instant information, but also allows us to have a more positive relationship with our residents. It also allows the community to appreciate and support the work that police do.”

A local resident in the area agreed. “It makes a big difference knowing your police. I think people often forget that police are people, but Trygve personifies them and makes us concerned for their wellbeing as we would for our friends or close neighbours.”

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