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Trygve News: Stolen moped discovered and returned to London owner using Trygve

February 2nd 2017

A very happy moped owner was reunited with their stolen vehicle after it had been reported to local Met Police using the digital collaboration app, Trygve.

This morning (Feb 2), the Brownswood Safer Neighbourhood Team issued a warning to their residents that crimes involving stolen mopeds was on the rise in the area.

Within minutes, a resident alerted the group that an unknown moped had appeared at a location a few weeks earlier and didn't seem to be owned by any nearby residents.

The Trygve group thread continued, with A/PS Starling 851GD of Brownswood, Woodberry Down & Stamford Hill West wards requesting the vehicle's registration, which was soon provided, along with example images of the vehicle.

Within 30 minutes, the moped had been identified as stolen, inspected by police and the owner had been notified.

This all took place within the public Trygve group 'Brownswood SNT - Met Police', and a follow-up post can be found at https://www.trygve.co.uk/event/P5I

Well done on the great effort by the residents and local police of Brownswood, London Borough of Hackney!

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