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Remember, remember the 5th of November

November 4th 2016

With daylight savings inviting more darkness and the Guy Fawkes weekend inviting festive bonfire celebrations, it is a great time to remind ourselves on how to keep safe during the Autumn months.

The Metropolitan London Police, as part of their "Operation Autumn Nights" have offered advice on how to keep festivities using fireworks within the boundaries of the law.

Remember, remember, on the 5th November:

  • You must be over 18 to buy fireworks.

  • It is illegal to possess fireworks in a public place if you're under 18.

  • It is an offence to throw or let-off a firework in a street or public place.

  • If you let off fireworks between 23:00 and 07:00hrs, you will be breaking the law (except November 5th when it extends to midnight).

  • Don't forget your fur babies! Keep pets safe indoors.

It is the advice of the Met Police to go to a publicly organised firework display and enjoy the spectacle without the safety concerns of organising your own event. This advice and more can be found here, as well as in Trygve posts around the London area.

While you’re out celebrating, don’t forget about your property – many criminals exploit this period to commit burglaries, theft and knife related crimes.

Now is the time to download Trygve, invite your neighbours together in a Trygve group and keep active watch of each other’s property and report any suspicious behavior to each other and to local police.

Before you leave your house:

  • Close and lock all your doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.

  • Make sure UPVC doors are properly locked with a key.

  • Make sure the side and/or back gate is locked.

  • Lock your shed or garage

  • Make sure that any valuables are out of sight.

  • Leave some lights on if it will be dark before you get home.

  • Don't leave your car keys or ID documents near doors, windows or your letterbox.

Most of all, enjoy the Autumn with peace of mind.

Take care of each other,

- Team Trygve

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