Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators - you've been integrated!

October 2nd 2017

Good news for Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who use the Neighbourhood Alert messaging system can now easily share their alerts into Trygve!

Neighbourhood Watch alerts can reach even more people and be placed in what’s quickly becoming the preferred digital system for collaboration, Trygve.

The integration sends the alert to Trygve and pins it into the public Trygve map. In addition, the integration gives each coordinator a verification badge as a sign of authentication - the Neighbourhood Watch logo.

But why stop there?

We strongly recommend coordinators also register with Trygve in order to see other user posts and collaborate through Trygve groups. There’s also cool features like the Personal Safety Alarm and ways to discover local organisations in an area.

Coordinators should register as a Trygve user using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as they use with Neighbourhood Alert. This is to ensure we keep you verified and link the accounts.

Download Trygve to your device or click here to register on a computer.

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See you in there!

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