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Keeping safe this New Years Eve

December 29th 2017

2017 is coming to a close. As you reflect on the year that was, you will likely be planning how to bring 2018 in with a bang, alongside friends and family. While you plan, be sure to keep these simply safety tips in mind - so your News Years Eve is memorable for all the right reasons!

1. Stay charged

Make sure you go out with a full phone battery. If you think you will be out for a while, set your phone to power-save mode and consider purchasing a portable phone charger to take with you.

2. Stay alert

Remember to keep an eye on your drink (whether it's water or alcohol) and don’t leave your drinks unattended. Make sure you serve your own drinks if you’re at a private party. Also, be aware that pick-pockets will also be out and about on New Years Eve - watch your bags.

3. Stay connected

Be sure to stick with your friends or family if you are out. Now is a great time to create a private group within Trygve with your closest friends and family and share information such as the address of where you will be and who you will be with. Why not take the time to familiarise yourself with the Trygve Personal Safety Alarm to get home more securely?

4. Stay sure of your way home

Have a solid plan to get home from where you are. Remember that public transport can be much more difficult over New Years Eve and taxi services can become unavailable. If you can, organise a place to stay in advance and share this address with your closest friends and family.

Importantly, enjoy bringing in the new year with fun, festivities and peace of mind!

From everyone at Trygve, we hope your 2018 is filled with health and happiness.

See you all next year!

~ Team Trygve

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