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Organisations: the feature for local resources

May 30th 2017

Every community is jam-packed full of helpful resources ready to support the needs of citizens.

These are emergency services like local police, fire and ambulance. They are government bodies like local council, police commissioners and safety partnerships. They can be non-profit community organisations like Neighbourhood Watches, youth counselling services, churches, victim support units and so on.

The point is - they exist. The problem is - people might not always know they exist or where to find them.

New feature: Organisations

The newest feature of Trygve aims to help solve this issue, by representing organisations in Trygve in such a way that is locally relevant to all users.

The feature stemmed from the idea that a Trygve user could step into any community in the UK, look at their Trygve app, and get an interactive list of local resources that are available to them. Through the app, users should see exactly what area the organisation covers, what they do, and how to contact them.


This is how the initial part of Organisations was designed. Organisations have a jurisdiction, or active zone, that they cover which gets mapped in Trygve. When any Trygve user is in the area, they can see the organisation exists.


When a user sees an organisation in their area, they can tap on that organisation and visit their profile. Here, a user can read about what they do, what their mission is and how to contact them.

Direct reporting

Unlike groups, where the chat is visible to everyone within the group, direct messaging to an organisation is private and only visible between the Trygve user and team members of that organisation. Great for victim support units, or councils who wish residents to report certain issues, like fly tipping.

Team members

Organisations choose their team members in Trygve, who are able to wear a badge of their organisation throughout the Trygve environment, boosting the organisation's visibility and adding credibility to that individual user.

Read more about Organisations and get yours involved by visiting www.trygve.co.uk/organisation

You can also contact info@trygve.co.uk / 0203 868 2289 to get your organisation involved in Trygve now.

Tell your local orgs!

We are so excited to already be welcoming Neighbourhood Watches, local police and patrol groups into Organisations, but we need Trygve users to help spread the word to their local resources. We are currently running a free trial for a limited amount of time so local organisations can 'try before they buy' the feature.


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