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Posting Trygve events: colours and audiences

August 3rd 2017

Anyone can post an event onto the Trygve map. Events are the best way to inform your neighbours, particularly when you utilise the event colour and audience features effectively. Here are some tips:


The colour of your event indicates its priority or importance. It also affects who receives a push notification of your post, so choose your colour wisely.

Green pins

For: Low priority or non-urgent incidents that do not require the immediate action of your community.

Examples: past crime reports, community meetings, traffic violations.

Yellow pins

For: Medium priority but non-urgent incidents that warrants the attention of your community.

Examples: road accidents impacting traffic, lost pets, local crime appeals.

Red pins

For: High priority or urgent incidents that warrants the immediate attention of your community.

Examples: missing persons, recent burglaries, anti-social behaviour intimidating to you or your neighbours.

Trygve is not connected to 999 or 101 and should NOT be used initially in situations where a life may be in danger.


Public visibility

Majority of events posted in the Trygve environment should be public to ensure any user in the area can be informed. When posting an event, select the ‘Public’ toggle.

Example: Anyone seen the pictured brown leather bag? I think I left it somewhere near the Sainsbury’s on Browns Avenue within the last hour.

Group visibility

In some cases, it may be more appropriate for a post to be visible only to a group you are a member of. If so, de-select the ‘Public’ toggle and select which group(s) you want your post to be visible to.

Example: Neighbours, I’ve been told a vulnerable female teenager was on our street an hour ago. Around 15, pink sweater, black sweat pants, no shoes, brunette. Police have been called – please support and report if you see her.

Remember, Trygve is powered by your community. In the end, your community should collaboratively decide how to best use the event features to suit your community's unique needs.

As usual, our team is always here to answer any questions and help guide you. Contact info@trygve.co.uk

Happy posting!

~Team Trygve

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