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Trygve Tip: How to call 999 when you can't speak to the operator

June 15th 2017

Today’s Trygve Tip relates to emergency 999 calls and what to do if you’re unable to speak to the operator.

The ‘Silent Solution 55’ has been around for around 15 years, however many people still do not know it exists.

A large amount of calls to 999 end up being accidental, usually due to young children handling phones, malfunctional mobiles or a good old fashioned butt-dial. Because of the volume of false 999 calls, operators will terminate a call if there has not been a response after a period of time.

However, if a caller is unable to speak or is in a situation where speaking on the phone could endanger their life, the 'Silent Solution 55' system ensures they can still get the help they need:

What to do

  • When a 999 call is made, the operator will ask which service the caller requires

  • If there is no response, the operator will ask the caller to either tap on the handset or make an audible noise

  • If the caller is unable to make an audible noise, the caller should dial '55' to confirm that the call is genuine

  • If no response is made at all, the call will be terminated and assumed accidental

Please share this tip to ensure your networks and community know about this potentially life-saving service.

~Team Trygve

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