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Top Swedish expert in community safety joins United Eyes AB, to further enhance Trygve app.

February 14th 2017

Some news from Sweden, the birthplace of Trygve.

Sören Svensson, one of Sweden’s most respected experts in community safety, will now work closely with United Eyes AB, the company behind the digital community safety tool Trygve. He will assist with enhancing Trygve’s ongoing development and implementation within municipalities and organisations across the country.

For 15 years, Sören has been a crime prevention and community engagement strategic planner for Örebro, a large municipality in Sweden. During his tenure, the number of reported crimes decreased by 2,000. In 2016, Sören and Örebro City Council received a prestigious award for their efforts in community safety.

In his role at United Eyes AB, Sören will support municipalities and businesses with security and safety using Trygve.

"It is natural to work with Trygve since they are a modern, innovative and proven way to support municipalities and organizations in the work they do in crime prevention and community safety,” Sören said.

United Eyes CEO Per Källgården said "We are so proud that one of the most respected people in community safety chose to work with Trygve. Sören's knowledge and experience will contribute enormously to the development of Trygve, as well as to the support of our users, which will further enhance our impact in community safety. "

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