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Keeping your home safe this summer

July 18th 2017

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Whilst you’re basking in the glorious summer sun, the only worry you should have is whether your suncream is a high enough SPF to spare you from looking like a beetroot... certainly not whether you will be returning to a burgled home.

Unfortunately, summertime in the UK is a peak season for home burglaries. So as you’re packing your flip flops, caftan and boardshorts, why not consider the following ‘Summer Safety Checklist’ before heading off on holidays.

Lock it

It sounds obvious, but double check every door – and window – is secured and locked.

Easy Keys

Don’t risk leaving your spare keys somewhere on your property. Even your most extravagant hiding spot can be discovered by burglars who have time to look. Keep your keys in the hands of trusted individuals, ie family, friends or neighbours.

Speaking of neighbours

Tell trusted neighbours about your travel plans so they can keep an eye out for your home.

  • Perhaps they can pick up your mail if it starts to build up?
  • Perhaps a local teenager could mow your lawn or keep the front of the property tidy for some pocket money?
  • Invite your trusted neighbours to utilise your car-park or driveway.

The more your house looks lived in, the less likely it will be targeted.

Social Media

We’d never suggest you not share those gorgeous tanned selfies from Mallorca, but be wary of how you post your holiday on social media. A family picture in Spain clearly indicates that your home is unattended, so ensure you’re posting only to trusted friends and family, rather than the public. Also avoid posting pictures of passports, boarding pass information and luggage tags to dodge fraud or scam opportunists.

Above all, enjoy your summer with peace of mind!

~ Team Trygve

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