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Trygve and the Met Police

January 30th 2017

Trygve has been working closely with the London Metropolitan Police to enhance the way community-focused police officers engage with local residents across London.

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are made up of Dedicated Ward officers and Police Community Support Officers who work with a wide range of people, communities and partners, to tackle and solve crime and anti-social behaviour issues that affect local communities.

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams have been turning to digital platforms, like Trygve, as the need to be present in the digital world becomes increasingly important for local organisations and authorities.

The new digital approach allows police personnel to inform residents of issues quickly and effectively, whilst encouraging residents to discuss local issues and offer vital intelligence and local insight to officers. It’s also proving to boost the profile of police in the community, personalising policing in the neighbourhood.

Trygve and the Met Police share the same values in encouraging communities to have a real say in deciding the priorities for the area in which they live. “In supporting our national Neighbourhood Watch, we are also supporting the systems they use, including Trygve,” Sergeant Bill Connor Territorial Policing said.

Police around London now regularly post successful arrests, warn of repeat crimes in the area, appeal to the public for information on particular issues, let residents know when and where officers are on patrol and encourage residents to speak up about problems in the neighbourhood. Particularly active areas of London include Hackney, Enfield and Islington.

As more Met Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) groups are popping up around London in the Trygve environment, residents are encouraged to download Trygve and join these groups within the areas they live and work.

To learn more about Safer Neighbourhood Teams policing, head to http://content.met.police.uk/Site/saferneighbourhoods

To join Trygve, download the free app or register on your computer at http://www.trygve.co.uk/join


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