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London boroughs take on Trygve

November 16th 2016

The London boroughs of Southwark and Enfield are trialling new methods of community engagement, using the digital communication tool Trygve.

Trygve is a free app, which provides a specially designed digital platform where users can collaborate on a local level, empowering community members to support each other and work together to solve local issues and combat crime.

In Southwark, the Neighbourhood Watch Association had been seeking out appropriate digital platforms for a while. “Trygve is a terrific app that’s free and will surely benefit everyone in the area,” Marcus Suitor, Secretary Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association said.

“We are hoping it enhances communication between members, but also encourages the younger generation to play more of an active role in Neighbourhood Watch. We hope everyone who lives and works in the Southwark area gets involved," Marcus continued.

In Enfield, the Palmers Green Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team had expressed keen interest in better utilizing digital technology to have more of a presence in the community. Police Officer Kat Johnson said "This tool allows police to have a presence in a digital environment that is safe and accessible to anyone. We really look forward to see how it enhances our engagement with the Palmers Green community.”

"Local residents are so often the ones who witness criminal activity first or can sense a change in the environment they’re in. Tapping into that ground level intelligence is so important.” Officer Johnson continued. 

The aim of these pilots is to create a culture where safety and security is enhanced and reinforced by the community's own efforts, by allowing residents, community groups, neighbourhood watch groups and police to collaborate with each other.

Trygve is free for all private users and is available on iOS through the App Store and Android through Google Play. There is also a computer version of the app for non-smartphone users.

“These pilots will present a real insight on how communities in very large and complex cities, like London, can band together and utilize each other more. We hope we can take what we learn from Southwark and Enfield and apply it to the other boroughs of London," Sheona Urquhart, Trygve UK Manager, said.

“Everyone has an important role to play, whether they're residents, Neighbourhood Watch coordinators or police.”

So, if you live or work in or around the Southwark or Enfield boroughs of London, you're invited to be a part of this exciting new community movement!

How do I get involved?

  1. Download Trygve onto your device by searching for ‘Trygve’ in the App Store or Google Play or visit www.trygve.co.uk/join
  2. Invite others to join Trygve - friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, local groups.
  3. Start collaborating! Post, share, comment and work with your fellow users to create a stronger, safer society.
  4. Need help? Visit www.trygve.co.uk/support for hints and tips getting started.

We will see you in there!

Team Trygve

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