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Trygve - UK launch in a nutshell...

June 27th 2016

What is Trygve?

Trygve is a free digital tool that brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society. The Trygve app, which is also available on your computer, creates a digital ‘Community Watch’ making your local community safer and more secure through a variety of features.

It’s easy to use, completely free and available to everyone!

How does Trygve work?

Local Events

Trygve allows you to share and receive local incidents (‘events’) with other Trygve users. Events can be publicly posted or posted to groups. Events are pinned to a map to show you where they are located.

Event examples:

“Warning: Pick Pockets at Melcombe Pl”

“Found: Brown Leather wallet at 26 St John St”

While an event is occurring, you can contribute to it, keep up to date via other users’ contributions or share the event to someone who might be affected – it’s up to you!

Create or join groups

You can create and join groups using Trygve. Groups can be:

Private (eg. family, close friends)

Locked that people can ask to join (eg. Apartment block residents, Neighbourhoods, Rock climbing groups, Sailing clubs, Lifesaving clubs, Mother's groups, etc)

Public groups that anyone can join (eg. Local dog owners, Police stations, Search parties)

Personal Safety Alarm

You have a personal safety alarm that can notify members of your groups or surrounding public that you require immediate assistance. The alarm can be triggered manually or by setting a timer - great for walking home!

Your feed

Using your location and groups, your feed acts as your continual news channel to keep you up to date with events in your local area. From time to time, we may post tips and success stories here too!

Where did Trygve come from?

In Stockholm, Sweden, Per’s wife always phoned him when she walked home from the train station at night. She was afraid that, despite being surrounded by good neighbours, no one would react to her cries for help if something were to happen to her. Per decided something had to be done. One night, he woke up with a solution that was centered around community collaboration. Using the Swedish word "Trygg", which means 'safe and secure', he envisioned “The Trygve project”, aimed at empowering the good resources within a society and channeling them into one digital portal. Per assembled a small team of skilled tech professionals to bring his vision to life. The Trygve app was released to the Swedish public in March 2015. More than 2,000 communities in Sweden have adopted Trygve, including local police, community groups, private users and the Swedish Neighbourhood Watch, Nattvandring.nu (40,000 volunteers)

Trygve HQ has since developed into a passionate core team, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Each team member shares the passion of spreading the Trygve concept to communities around the world, and can’t wait to see its effects in the UK!

Trygve in the spotlight...

Swedes turn to app to guard their neighbourhoods - KTH News Nov 2015

"...Trygve is enabling a growing number of Swedes to guard against crime and help each other in emergencies..."

Trygve launched in the UK on June 27, 2016!

You can spread the word to your friends, neighbours and local community groups now! Share this post or visit our social media pages to join in the conversation.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions or comments.


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Trygve brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society