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June 27th 2016

Well, the day has finally arrived.

Trygve - the free digital tool that brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society is now available for you to download and start using throughout the UK!

Using iOS, Android or a computer, Trygve creates an online ‘community watch’, allowing users to work together and look out for each other through a variety of features.

Where can I get Trygve?

Trygve is available on iOS devices (that's your iPhones and iPads) through the App Store here. Trygve is available on Android devices through Google Play here. You can also check out our scaled-down online version [here].

How do I use Trygve? Got it... now what? You can check out our Get Started Guide to help get you on your feet. You might also want to check out the Tutorial video below that covers all the basic features of the app.

What else can I do?

Get collaborating!

Trygve's effectiveness is dependent on active users utilising the features within Trygve to their full potential. Start creating and joining groups, invite your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and start posting and responding to events. Together, we can create a proactive culture where community members look out for each other and support each other.

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Trygve brings communities together to build a stronger, safer society