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Trygve presents at Neighbourhood Watch Scotland AGM

September 16th 2016

From Trygve UK Manager, Sheona

Trygve was given the privilege of speaking at the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland AGM on September 14th, in Stirling.

Brian Connel, Manager of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, had previously shown interest in Trygve and was keen to get coordinators aware of the free app, showcasing Trygve as a powerful digital tool that Neighbourhood Watch Groups could use as a digital option of communication and collaboration in their local areas.

Upon arriving at the impressive Albert Halls, I was greeted by Neighbourhood Watch Scotland coordinators and members of Police Scotland who were all incredibly passionate about engaging with their communities, with a focus on a personal and ground level approach. Brian Connel was a particularly strong pioneer for this method, opening the day’s activities with an anecdote about what backyards were like when he was a child and how connections with neighbours were second nature, unhindered even by the presence of a fence. He acknowledged that, while times have now changed, fences have gone up and people are less inclined to get to know each other, that the previous level of engagement and connection was not an impossible task to achieve – and one that we all must aspire to recreate.

Many representatives from Police Scotland were present, giving me an interesting insight to the varied and daunting task the force has to face on a daily basis. Flooding is a regular and devastating problem that emergency services have to tackle each year, alongside urban policing, border control and coastline policing. The unique issues that rural communities face were voiced by Jane Donaldson of the National Intelligence Bureau, Specialist Crime Division, including theft of machinery and livestock. We were treated to an entertaining, powerful and challenging presentation by Scott McGready (Scams Scotland) on the varied ways our online information can be hacked, manipulated and used to exploit unsuspecting victims.

I was particularly impressed by the incredible community projects that were being run by Scottish Borders, Police Scotland and Perth and Kinross Councils. There is certainly no shortage of ideas and enthusiastic efforts by civil servants in Scotland and those involved in these schemes are an inspiration - I’ll certainly be sharing these schemes with government bodies here in Sweden.

The response for Trygve was almost overwhelming – and I admit I breathed a sigh of relief that Scott from Scams Scotland hadn’t put everyone off using digital devices ever again! It was wonderful watching people downloading the app in front of my eyes and Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Coordinators already starting discussions on how to effectively spread the word about Trygve to their networks.

Since the AGM, I have been following up with those who left their details with me and I look forward to working with each individual watch in helping to strategize a tailor-made plan on how to roll out Trygve to their communities.

If you didn’t manage to leave your details with me, get in touch directly at mailto:sheona.urquhart@trygve.co.uk

Thanks again for having me, Scotland!

I look forward to working with you more

Sheona, Team Trygve

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