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Trygve Talks To: Caddington Neighbourhood Watch

August 31st 2016

Image of John

This is John, one of Trygve's first users in the UK. Like many in his community, he's an active member of Neighbourhood Watch, acting as the secretary and a key driver of community engagement in Caddington, Bedfordshire.

As a ‘super user’ of Trygve, John’s passion for connecting his village has even seen him be summoned to neighbouring communities to help them get started in Trygve and step into digital world of community collaboration.

“Trygve is Neighbourhood Watch in your pocket – a concept unthinkable a few years ago! Once you’ve demonstrated its capabilities, people realise its potential,” John said. “I think the technology will appeal to the younger members of our community, who traditionally haven't been active in this area.”

Trygve launched in the UK two months ago and has proven successful in multiple areas of the UK. Being able to see publicly posted activity anywhere on the Trygve map creates a helpful guide on how the app can be used effectively in communities.

“Newton Leys is a great example, where Trygve has built a group from scratch in just a few days,” John said, reflecting on positive activity in Milton Keynes. “We have already started to replicate what they have achieved.”

The members of Caddington Neighbourhood Watch are well acquainted with finding new and valuable ways of assisting the more vulnerable members of the community. Fifty volunteers in the village are on-call to support elderly residents at very short notice. Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks, such as taking people to a hospital, fetching medical prescriptions, helping to understand official documents or just having a chat over a cup of tea. The volunteers also run weekly coffee-mornings and chair-based exercise classes. The model is inspiring and has been widely adopted across the county. The organisation brings the community together and helps to defeat the sense of isolation that some people experience with advancing years.

If you're ever visiting the Caddington or Luton area, be sure to join the Caddington Watch group to stay updated and take part in this wonderfully supportive community.

We will check in with another Trygve community in the coming weeks.

~ Team Trygve

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