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Trygve Tip #2 - activating your local area

July 19th 2016

It’s a fundamental aim in life to feel safe and secure within our local area, and it’s in our nature to seek new methods of protecting ourselves and those we love. We don't often realise, however, that the resources required to create community safety and security can already exist within our own neighbourhoods.

What if local municipalities, police forces, neighbourhood watch groups, community groups and individuals within a community could work together within a shared environment to create their own social sustainability? The pieces already exist, they just need a platform to collect and share their ideas and expertise. A platform where every user is equal, has a voice and is able to reach out for help if they need it.

Trygve provides this digital platform, but ultimately it’s how users utilise this tool that determines its effectiveness. A user needs to be active. An area needs to be activated.

So, using Trygve, how can you activate your area to start effectively working together?

1. Invite people to join your groups in Trygve.

You can invite your friends, family members, local business owners, colleagues or neighbours to use Trygve. They don’t need to already have the Trygve app in order to be invited to a group. All you need is their email address and we will send them everything they need to know. If you let Trygve have access to your contacts, you can invite selected people whose email addresses are already stored in your phone.

Note: If you are an administrator of a ‘locked’ group, be aware that you are the only member who can invite people to join the group. Tip: promote other group members to be co-administrators, sharing this responsibility.

2. Spread the word about Trygve.

If you simply want to share the Trygve app without directly inviting someone to join a group, you can tap ‘Spread the word about Trygve’ in the menu on Android devices, or tap ‘More’ then ‘Recommend Trygve’ on iOS devices. This can create a text message, Facebook post, Tweet, Email or Whatsapp message about Trygve and direct people to the app.

3. Get posting!

So you and your neighbours have Trygve and you have created a group within the app - what now? Start posting and initiate discussions. If your area is experiencing a problem where many bicycles are being stolen, pin where these thefts have occurred so people are aware. If an unsavoury member of the community is harassing people outside a local store, post about it to warn others. Perhaps you are going away for the weekend - post an event to your group of neighbours so they can monitor your home. Remember, events can be posted only to groups if you don’t want them to be public.

4. Encourage others to post.

Many Neighbourhood Watch groups already have Facebook groups or use Whatsapp to communicate. These are fantastic methods of communication. The only problem is, people may miss a post on Facebook, or the incident may not be shared or visible to people outside the group. Encourage people to share these posts on Trygve, too, so more people will be aware of them. Keep in mind, Trygve events that are flagged as medium or high priority send alerts directly to nearby users or group members' devices so they can receive the information instantly.

5. Acknowledge, comment and share.

Take a look at events that have already been posted around your area. Give the user who posted some love by ‘acknowledging’ their event. This lets them know you appreciate their efforts in keeping you informed. If you have something to add, then comment on the event. Any information can be really helpful, and the more information that's shared, the quicker a solution can be found. In addition, if you are attending a call for help, try to comment that you are on your way. If you think a posted event is important for a wider audience, then share the event.

6. Be physically present.

Did you know Trygve has a personal safety alarm as one of its features? This means you can send out an urgent alarm to any user nearby or selected groups if you find yourself in trouble. This also means that you may receive emergency alerts from other users who need help. Personal Safety Alarms should be taken seriously and it’s always worth making sure the user who triggered it is ok, whether it be by asking through the app, or heading towards the location to make sure the situation is under control. You never know - you could potentially be saving a life.

Remember, the activity within Trygve acts as a representation of your community's activities, which are ever-changing and may offer up some interesting challenges that will require members to really bond together. Keep an eye on the app to be kept up-to-speed and stay active!

Thanks - and take care of each other!

  • Team Trygve

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