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Trygve Tips #1 - be a groupie!

July 5th 2016

Trygve has been available in the UK for the past week and it's been wonderful getting acquainted with new active users who are passionate about keeping their local community safer and more secure.

This is the Trygve blog which will be used for a variety of things, such as interesting tidbits on all things community safety, helpful tips on using Trygve and good news stories stemming out of Trygve’s use nationwide.

Our first Trygve Tip looks at using groups.

Why groups?

Trygve groups are another way to bring Trygve alive through user interaction and collaboration. Being a member of a group allows you to have private conversations with select users. Perhaps your group members need to be able to strategise neighbourhood watch patrols or perhaps your group wants to be able to discuss an apartment block meetup.

Another benefit of groups is that users are able to post events to select groups, rather than the public. For example: you have a group made up of your residential street neighbours and you see a unfamiliar car drag-racing on a nearby street. You can create a high priority event that just alerts your group, instead of pushing it out as a high priority to all nearby public Trygve users. What may seem a priority for one community, may not be for other nearby communities, so having groups allows you to tailor to that need when required.

What kinds of groups exist?

Since launching in the UK a week ago, some wonderful public groups have appeared within Trygve. These range from Neighbourhood Watch groups, dog walking groups, performing artists groups to entire villages.

Groups like the ones mentioned, are examples of public groups that anyone can join. Groups can also be locked so an administrator can approve users. There are also private groups that no-one else can see. Users must be directly invited by an administrator in order to join a private group.

There are plenty of public and locked groups available now that you can simply browse through and join. Why not jump into the Trygve app and look through groups that may be near or of interest to you, such as a local Neighbourhood Watch group?

Can I make my own group?

Absolutely! Creating a group is a great way to kick off interaction and collaboration with other users to keep each other safe. Are you a farmer concerned about dog or fox attacks on your livestock? Create a locked group for yourself and your neighbouring farmers so all of you can report any incidents through Trygve. Are you working in a bar late at night? Why not have a group with your workmates so you can look out for each other as you make your various ways home. Are you a freelance London-based musician and find yourself feeling vulnerable heading to or from gigs where you're not familiar? Create a public group for all musicians in London so you can always have each others' backs in times of need.

How have groups been used effectively?

Since it's launch in Sweden in March 2015, Trygve has been adopted in over 2,000 communities across Sweden, with thousands of groups being created and used effectively. Sweden's Neighbourhood Watch has many public groups in Trygve, representing most areas of Sweden and allowing users to tap into local incident information wherever they are located or travelling to in Sweden. The Swedish Night Patrol, Nattvandring is made up of 40,000 volunteers and are utilising Trygve as their primary method of communication to coordinate their efforts and share incident information between neighbourhoods. You can read more about these success stories here.

Need a hand?

Our Get Started Guide is a great place to start if you're new to Trygve. Be sure to watch our Tutorial Video as well, where you can see how to join and create groups in the app. We also encourage you to share your thoughts on community safety, visions for social sustainability or any good news stories you have had using Trygve with us. You can do this via our Facebook page, Twitter or by emailing us at info@trygve.co.uk.

Thanks for tuning in for our first installment of Trygve Tips. Keep collaborating and take care of each other :)

^Team Trygve

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