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Trygve Tip: going beyond the app

October 26th 2016

In an effort to further the reach of Trygve messaging, today’s Trygve Tip delves into how non-smartphone users can still use Trygve and how to share events posted in Trygve to other digital platforms.

Meet 'My Trygve'

No smartphone? No worries.

Trygve fully exists on computers, as well as smartphones. Simply visit https://my.trygve.co.uk/ and simply log in or register as a new user there (don’t forget to verify your email so we know you’re a real human!)

You can see the fully interactive Trygve map, complete with local information surrounding you. You can also create and join groups, check out your news feed and post events, just like in the app.

It’s really easy to use - if you are able to pay a bill online, you will be able to use Trygve online!

My Trygve

Share beyond Trygve

Anyone can see public Trygve events.

We understand the importance of local information being communicated through various portals, which is why all public Trygve events can be shared beyond the app.

Simply follow these steps to spread the word:

  1. Open the event you wish to share
  2. Select the ‘share’ option on the bottom right corner
  3. Select how you’d like to share the event (text message, email, Facebook post, WhatsApp message, etc)

Users will be directed to a public map, where they can see the entire event you shared, as well as any other public event in the area. They do not even have to be a Trygve user to read this information.


Good luck and keep taking care of each other!

- Team Trygve

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