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Why Digital Collaboration?

December 9th 2016

As more organisations, police forces and residents turn to digital tools to enhance local engagement, sometimes we need to revisit the reason why digital collaboration is the way of the future and the way forward for community safety and togetherness.

It’s now clear that we are living in a world where digital technology has become a natural way of life and a powerful means to communicate with each other. Neighbours in a community, in particular, have the desire to talk to each other in a digital environment – usually through WhatsApp or Facebook. However, police and Neighbourhood Watch Associations are not always invited to be present in these environments to provide help, guidance and support.

In addition, while many digital platforms are effective at instant messaging, few digital platforms allow users to collaborate with each other to discuss these messages or relay local intelligence back to police.

Hence why community safety experts such as Neighbourhood Watch and various Police have voiced the need for a community-focused digital platform that is safe, accessible and collaborative.

What does successful digital collaboration look like?

Successful digital collaboration means those in a community should be able to discuss issues and work together, as well as support the Police with ground level intelligence. Users should be able to easily access local organisations and effectively utilise each other as a source of information. In some non-emergency cases, neighbours should be able to help each other, relieving some workload of emergency services.

“Neighbourhood Watch groups can have a strong presence within Trygve and use it to inform and collaborate effectively within a digital environment. The app creates a culture that focuses on the benefit of the community” Neighbourhood Watch Chief Executive, Kate Aldgate.

We welcome all new users to Trygve and remind users that the impact of community collaboration rests in the hands of those using the tool. All the ingredients needed for effective community collaboration already exist in each community - Trygve is simply the digital tool that brings these pieces together.

Visit www.trygve.co.uk/join to get your community started.

Have a great weekend and take care of each other.

-- Team Trygve.

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