Connected Communities

Residents working together to increase their overall safety.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch champions the culture of neighbours and local resources working together to increase safety. This culture is enhanced in Trygve, by allowing members to communicate easily and boost the profile of their watch in the area. Neighbourhood Watches are being encouraged to use Trygve to modernise their way of operating.

"Neighbourhood Watch groups can have a strong presence within Trygve and use it to inform and collaborate effectively within a digital environment. The app, which has integrated with our current messaging system, Neighbourhood Alert, creates a culture that focuses on the benefit of the community and hopefully encourages more members of the public to join their local watches or start their own."

Kate Algate, Neighbourhood Watch Chief Executive

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Anti-social behaviour

Trygve is used by many of London's Met Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) in order to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) by working directly with residents.

By creating police-led tactical groups, residents can log incidents of ASB quickly, support each other and offer police local intelligence that is time-accurate.

Officers experience a positive boost in the profile of local police in the area, with residents feeling part of the solution.

As a direct result of this new practice, multiple arrests have been made, stolen vehicles recovered and requests for evidence in court have become as easy as sending a short message in a group.


Neighbourhood Alert

Trygve and Neighbourhood Alert have integrated their systems to enable Alerts to be instantly shared to the Trygve environment, adding a collaborative element to police and Neighbourhood Watch messaging.

Neighbourhood Alert and Trygve joining forces increases the reach of police and Neighbourhood Watch alerts without the need to learn another system.

The objective is to give police and Neighbourhood Watch a presence in the digital environment that is quickly becoming the preferred method for localised communities and Neighbourhood Watch groups to collaborate.

If your watch or police force use Neighbourhood Alert, this enhanced feature is available to you now at no added cost!

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In Sweden

The "World's Best Neighbourhood Watch"

In the Old Town of Stockholm, the local council and the Stockholm Södermalm Police are driving the new initiative "The World’s Best Neighbourhood Watch”.

Trygve is the method of communication in the area, including the connection of home and business alarms in the area. Shop owners are able to inform each other about con-artists, pickpockets and burglaries and police can be assisted by Trygve users in regards to hazards or missing children.

Currently, local businesses, Public Transport, tour guides, churches and schools are already part of the local safety network and Trygve community.

Click to see the video, showcasing the initiative.

The Night Patrol

40,000 Volunteer community patrollers using Trygve

The Night Patrol, "Nattvandring”, is one of the biggest community safety movements in Sweden, consisting of civilians who have an interest in the protection of younger members of the community.

Their aim is to have a presence in areas where young people are at a higher risk of committing crime or being assaulted.

Trygve is used to communicate between the night patrol groups, residents, local police, as well as bus and metro train station workers and pub owners.