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Free Community Safety app launches in the UK

June 27th 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

A free digital app that focuses on community safety through user collaboration has launched in the UK. Trygve (pronounced ‘Trigg-veh’) creates an online community watch where users can share and receive local incident information in real time by other users.

Originating from tech-savvy Sweden, the app allows users to post local incident information onto a map, which can be viewed by all nearby public users or select groups. The app also features an effective Personal Safety Alarm that can alert a group or any nearby public user that someone needs assistance.

Users are invited to contribute, share and assist in situations, encouraging local communities to take more responsibility for their own preservation and work together with emergency services, rather than simply rely on them.

Trygve has been applauded in Sweden, with local Neighbourhood Watch groups, police, businesses and local members utilising the app together to beat local criminal activity.

Recently, a serial thief was apprehended in Stockholm after local business owners started tracking his movements on Trygve, which the Police used to locate and arrest him.

“The app means we can focus on working better with the community. In addition to preventing crime, the app reaches out to citizens to be eye-witnesses to things happening in their area”, a representative from Stockholm Södermalm Police said.

Regarding the decision to launch in the UK, Trygve CEO Per Källgården said “we had a lot of keen interest from the UK right from the beginning of operation. The voice of UK local communities is very strong, so it made sense that the UK was the next step in our reach.”

Per insists that the app itself is only a part of the answer to eliminating local criminal activity “Trygve is not just an app - it’s a shift in mentality. We hope people start to view their fellow neighbours as peers instead of strangers. The app is simply a tool to help achieve this.”

The Trygve app is free and available throughout the UK from the App Store and Google Play.



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