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Neighbourhood Watch and Trygve working together

September 28th 2016

It is with enormous pleasure that we announce the official co-operation of Trygve and Neighbourhood Watch England and Wales.

Neighbourhood Watch and Trygve share values of bringing neighbours together to strengthen the support and security within communities. The collaboration takes these positive values and culture to a digital platform where groups will be able to enhance their messaging and reach more members of the public.

“Neighbourhood Watch groups can have a strong presence within Trygve and use it to inform and collaborate effectively within a digital environment. The app, which has integrated with our current messaging system (Neighbourhood Alert), creates a culture that focuses on the benefit of the community and hopefully encourages more members of the public to join their local watches or start their own,” Neighbourhood Watch Chief Executive, Kate Algate, said.

“With Neighbourhood Watch encouraging Neighbourhood Watch groups around the country to start using Trygve, we expect to see a big influx of users, which will only strengthen ground level collaboration within and between communities,” Trygve CEO, Per Källgården said.

The agreement includes the execution of a Community Solution Pilot in two areas of England, working with Neighbourhood Watch groups, the Neighbourhood Alert system, local police forces and council. The Pilot aims to fully connect each community using the app as a primary communicative tool, empowering the communities to work together to combat crime and increase safety.

“This is an incredible step forward for Trygve and a wonderful way of welcoming us to the UK. We are really looking forward to working closely with these communities and seeing how ground level communication unites them and decreases criminal activity,” Per Källgården said.

The Pilot areas will be announced in the following weeks and will run for 3 months each.

If you are involved in an official Neighbourhood Watch group, you can start using Trygve by downloading it onto your smart device from www.trygve.co.uk/join

If you are interested in joining your local Neighbourhood Watch group, or starting your own, please visit www.ourwatch.org.uk