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Swedish Government backs digital community collaboration

December 13th 2016

United Eyes AB, the Swedish company behind the community safety tool Trygve, has received funding from Sweden’s National Crime Prevention Council (equivalent to UK’s Home Office Crime and Policing) to evaluate the effects of digital community collaboration.

The study will measure the effects of local engagement using digital tools, focusing on how increasing access to local organisations, authorities and other neighbours affects a community’s perception of local safety.

Key case studies that will feature in the evaluation are:

World's Best Neighbourhood Watch – Stockholm City and Södermalm police

Collaboration Strängnäs - Strängnäs municipality and key contributors.

Additionally, the study will monitor a medium sized city in Sweden as it takes on and demonstrates the new, digital method of community engagement from scratch.

Trygve, available on smartphones and computers, provides a digital environment where users collaborate in real time on a local level. It creates a culture that empowers communities to support each other, solve local issues and combat crime.

“Organisations like Neighbourhood Watch have already proven the values of community members sharing the responsibility of a community’s resilience. Trygve harnesses this culture by using specially designed digital technology” Trygve CEO Per Källgården said.

“The evaluation project will really validate this new method, which we truly believe is the future for effective community safety and engagement.”

Two years after its conception, Trygve is now used throughout Sweden by Swedish Police, Neighbourhood Watch groups, patrol groups and entire communities.

Trygve launched in the UK in July 2016 and has already been adopted by Neighbourhood Watch (England and Wales), Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and several police authorities. The Metropolitan London Police recently added Trygve to its new training module for Police Community Support Officers and Dedicated Ward Officers.

The study will take place during 2017 and results will be made available through the Swedish government and Trygve websites.

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