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In order to use Trygve you need to register an account.

There are two ways of registering: with Facebook or with an email address.

Facebook login

The easiest way to register with Trygve is through Facebook. Then you don't need to provide additional information or verify your email address, and can start using Trygve directly. The email address connected to your Facebook account will be used when Trygve needs to contact you.

To login in Trygve with a facebook account, simply use the Facebook-button on the login page.

We don't collect any additional personal information from Facebook, and will never post anything unless you actively choose to do so.

Email registration

When registering with an email address, you'll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Email address. Provide your email address. This will later be verified.
  • Password. Create a secure password that will be used when you login to your Trygve account.
  • Name. Provide your first name and last name.

We will send a verification email to your email address. In order to start using Trygve, you'll need to open the verification email and click the link. After verifying your email the registration is complete.